Log Nets – Kiln Dried Mixed Wood


Log nets of Kiln Dried Oak



Our log nets are premium quality kiln-dried Mixed logs have been dried in a purpose-built wood drying kiln to reduce their moisture content to below 15% on average, but always less than 20%.  Each net containers 12-14 25cm logs.

The mixed logs are made up of Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch.

The logs are then split to lengths of 25cm making them the ideal size for burning in your wood burning stove, wood fired smoker pizza oven, chiminea and open fireplace.

All of our wood is sourced from FSC certified forests. Due to their lower moisture content, kiln dried logs burn for longer than seasoned logs and have a higher calorific value. Our mixed wood kiln-dried logs have a calorific value of 4.2kwh/kg.

Oak logs are great for burning on your stove or open fire, they have a good flame and produce a vast amount of heat for a long period.


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