Builders Bag Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs


25cm length Kiln Dried Oak Logs. Free Local Delivery



Kiln-dried firewood is certainly the best fuel to use in your wood burning appliance or open fireplace. Our premium quality kiln dried hardwood logs are dried in a purpose-built kiln to reduce their moisture content to below 15%, often far lower. Before being dried, we split the logs in a log splitting machine to a length of 20-25cm making them the ideal size for burning.
All of our wood is sourced from FSC certified forests and we use oak in our 1m3 loose-filled bulk bags. Due to their lower moisture content, kiln-dried logs burn for longer than seasoned logs and have a higher calorific value. Our high-quality premium Oak kiln dried logs have a calorific value of 5.2kwh/kg.

We make sure that all our firewood is between 5cm-15cm in width, so you will have a good range of sizes, smaller logs to start the fire and large logs to add once you have a nice hot fire.All our kiln dried logs are ready to burn and FSC sourced.

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Dimensions 800 × 800 × 800 cm


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