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Main Features:

- 90mm In Diameter, 250mm In Length

- Eco-friendly & Manufactured In UK

- Free From Chemicals & Additives

- Minimal Smoke, Low Ash & Economical

- Best For Use In Log Burner

Why Use Briquettes?

Relaxing in front of an open fire, cooking pizza in a traditional oven, warming yourself by the chiminea, toasting marshmallows around the firepit, all conjure up images of happy times and joyful memories.

Whilst you may think you need traditional firewood and logs to enjoy these activities, this is not the case. Hardwood heat logs bring many benefits that make it easier to light and keep your fires burning, as well as cleaning up afterwards.

How Big Are The Heat Logs?

Each heat log measures approximately 90mm in diameter and is around 250mm in length. The consistent size and dimensions make these logs more practical to store and ensure you know exactly how much you are getting with each purchase.

Natural Product

The wood for these logs is harvested from sustainable plantations and no chemical additives are used during processing. You can even use the ash to fertilize your garden afterwards.

Easy To Light

The compressed hardwood in these heat logs means they are extremely easy to light. You can use individual logs to boost traditional fires or create the fire using just these heat logs.

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