Lumpwood Charcoal

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Main Features:

- Contains No Additives (All Natural)

- Easier Temperature Adjustment

- Little Ash 

- Burns Hotter & Lights Quickly

- Made From Ash, Oak & Hornbeam

Why Use Lumpwood Charcoal?

Lumpwood charcoal has a lot going for it. It's made by burning wood in the absence of oxygen and as a result, is nearly all carbon and is, therefore, a favorite with purists. It has little to no additives, meaning that you get a nice smokey aroma to food cooked over it.

Endless Benefits

It is quick-lighting and can get to maximum temperature in around 20 mins. It burns hotter than briquettes so it's great for searing steaks, and leaves very little ash. It is also more sensitive to burning in oxygen, so it's much easier to control cooking temperatures using the vent on your BBQ.

Lumpwood Charcoal burns faster than briquettes, particularly if made from pine, so can start to cool after 30mins and without the need to top up. Hardwood lump charcoal is better than using oak or hickory for example.

More Efficient Burning

Lump charcoal is made by slowly burning pieces of wood in the absence of oxygen until all the natural chemicals, sap, and moisture are removed from wood.

After that we are left with charcoal lumps with lots of good qualities; it is little more than carbon, leaves very little ash after burning out, burns hotter and lights faster than briquettes.

Safe & non-harmful Substance