Setting up Fuel Lodge

The idea for Fuel Lodge came about in 2018.  As someone who has always been conscientious regarding the environment and always looking to become more self sufficient at home I was sat there thinking about how could I get completely off grid and provide my self all the energy and heat for my dream wooden house I intended on building some day soon.  After some research in to where I could build my eco home I started looking in to ways of powering it.  I came across many different methods from wind, solar to combined heat and power machines.  All of these had various draw backs and large costs behind them.  I looked in to the combined heat and power machines as I thought the idea of heat being a byproduct would be a great way of heating the home (or hot tub!).

The next logical step in my mind was what fuel do these use.  This is where I came across “renewables” and when I write that in brackets I mean in satirically with finger quotes.  I found renewable energy sources to be an incredibly hypocritical market place.  I looked around for a source of wood pellets and although there are a couple of manufacturers within the United Kingdom the majority seemed to be imported.  So most peoples renewable energy was being shipped on the back of a lorry thousands of miles from Eastern Europe where they are deforesting.  I found this quite counter intuitive when we are being drummed with a green this carbon neutral that ideology.

So I thought how about setting up a business that keeps everything local as much as possible.  Sourcing waste wood and trees and actually turning them in to usable products.  In December 2018 we moved in to our first unit.  By February 2019 we had another unit and a section of land to process on.  All of this was within all the major motorways in the West Midlands.  Less than 2 minutes from the M5 or M40 depending on the site.

We then invested in lots of different equipment.  We purchased Biomass boilers and installed drying floors to get the right moisture contents for our products.  We imported a briquette machine, a shredder with conveyor and magnet to remove any metal and log splitters and kindling machines all but the briquette machine sourced within 20 miles!

As a business we have the aim of being carbon negative and moving to completely recycled/green packaging (hemp etc).

Thank you for supporting our journey!