About Us

Here at Fuel Lodge we are a responsible, eco-friendly manufacturer and supplier of various wood based products. We manufacture our own Briquettes, Wood Pellets and Kiln Dried Logs. These products are all made using responsibly sourced wood waste. Our aim is to keep our carbon foot print as low as possible and provide our customers with a unique, simple and transparent product life cycle. All of our wood is British sourced.
At Fuel Lodge we use a holistic approach towards our products whereby we examine their life cycles, making sure it is the right product for us and our customers.

The first thing we look into is the raw material. While trees are arguably not a renewable resource, we take a step back and look at our supply. At Fuel Lodge we work with as many local businesses and government bodies as possible to turn their scrap and waste materials in to usable product. With every collection of waste wood we offer a certificate of recycling to give everyone peace of mind that we are using the waste wood to create a renewable product that has been efficiently recycled and also gives employment to the local area.

The next item on the agenda is distribution! This is where it can get costly. Distribution has a carbon footprint. At Fuel Lodge we are trying to keep our carbon foot print as low as possible using these principles, keep it local, keep it simple, keep recycling. Currently we source waste wood products within a 25 miles radius of our location, thus keeping our emissions low! We also heat our own space using our biomass heating system. We have also analysed the most efficient ways to get our products to you and only use ISO 14001:2015 accredited transport companies.

After distribution is the use of the product. Anything that burns has a calorific content (think food here!) , the more calories the better, or is it? This is where burning products can get confusing. You have to look at fuel value vs calorific value. To make things easier for you check our fuel value vs calorific value burning guide.

The last part of the process is end of life. For this product is heat and ash. Moisture and ash content can play a big part of what product you purchase. Do you live in a smokeless area or somewhere with less restrictions? This is where it may be okay to burn kiln dried hard wood in your area which can be more cost effective. Or do you live in a smokeless zone if so a solid briquette will be the better option (and it will keep you very warm!).
Thanks for reading and any questions please do get in contact with us eco@fuellodge.co.uk